Mae Is Writing A Song To Honor Kaeli’s Life

AMAZING NEWS EVERYONE: Amy Battaglia’s efforts to convince Kaeli’s favorite band mae to write a song in Kaeli’s honor was a success!!!! mae is writing a song to honor Kaeli’s life. A million thanks to Amy for starting this campaign.

We ask that everyone who asked mae to do this contact them again to say “thank you.”

Post your message here and also go to

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  • Dear Dave. Thanks for writing a song for Kaeli. Thanks for taking the time to go to the website and get to know her. I never met Kaeli, but am of friend of her Mom. Through your song, the world will get to know her. God bless you Dave!

  • Susan May says:

    I assume u didn’t know Kaeli personally but agreed to write her a song because of all the wonderful things you’ve heard, well she was all that and more. She must have also seen something special in all of you to admire your music so much. Thank you for honoring her in this way.
    O just wanted to let u know the first concert my son ever went to, without his parents ,was yours.
    Much success to you in the future.