Summer School

Summer is a time for gardening, swimming and road trips. We combined summer fun with learning new things at our equine care and life skills program. Riding lessons expanded and progressed from learning to mount and dismount independently to to posting at a walk. Along with brushing, watering and hoof care we gave our school horses baths. Not only did the horses get a bath… we did too ! A sustainable vegetable garden was planted with tomatoes for our salads and carrots for the horses. After a great trip to the Bronx Zoo in the winter we returned to see the animals enjoying their summer habitat. We rambled through the butterfly garden, Tiger Mountain and watched the brown bears and polar bears take a dip in the pool. On a beautiful summer day in August we boarded an 80 ft sailboat in NY harbor. As the crew raised the sails,we caught the wind and sailed toward lower Manhattan. It was thrilling to sail right in front of Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. To capture our memories our students are learning digital photography, which they enjoy immensely. As we look ahead to the fall we are planning a trip to an apple orchard, cooking our bounty, continuing to ride and take care of our horses.

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