Mountain Thyme

July 16, 2010 – January 20, 2011

Mountain Thyme, affectionately known as Ty was humanely euthanized on January 20th as a result of complications from a congenital neurological impairment. He passed peacefully surrounded by his mother, Sage and loving human friends.

Ty lived with Peter and Carol Glantz who cherished and cared for him. Always affectionate, he brought much joy to all who knew him. He enjoyed each day of his life: nuzzling  his mother and enjoying the love and attention of many human and animal friends. He was playful and inquisitive. He liked to frolic in the snow and investigate his surroundings. Mountain Thyme will be greatly missed. We will remember his loving spirit and affectionate nature. Ty only knew human kindness. Most horses are not so fortunate.

View Ty’s memorial Shutterfly page

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