The Dedication of the Kaeli Kramer Sanctuary took place on October 22, 2011.

Honored at the dedication was Mr. Jim Evans, Kaeli’s uncle, who had the vision of transforming an old, dilapidated stable into a peaceful and functioning sanctuary, and Mr. Luciano Marquez, who worked tirelessly clearing land, and constructing fencing and stalls, while caring for the Foundation’s horses. Family gathered on a sunny October afternoon, as Jeanne Anselmo led the blessing of Kaeli’s Sanctuary:

May all beings be happy and safe, and may all hearts be filled with joy. May all beings live in security and peace. Let no one do harm to another. Let no one put the life of any being in danger. Let no one out of anger or ill will wish anyone harm. Let a boundless love pervade the entire universe. Let our hearts be free from hatred and enmity. This is the noblest way of living.

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