From Our Hearts to Yours

Our important work at the Hurricane Emergency Shelter in Garden City, New York continues. Each time we volunteer our duties bring us in intimate contact with the animals being cared for at the shelter. Last week, after we laundered bedding, cleaned cages, filled food dishes and emptied a food donation truck we enjoyed a real treat. It was time for us to have “cuddle time ” with many of the cats. Most of the resident kitties are missing their owners who are still displaced by the storm. These animals were in need of special loving touches and extra bonding time.

We also met six cats who no longer have owners. These beautiful, sweet cats are up for adoption. Most are between one and two years of age. We love them and want to help find them forever homes.

There are five wonderful dogs up for adoption as well. They are gentle and playful pit mixes. These young dogs range in ages from one to three years.

Valentine’s Day is coming fast ….. won’t you open your home and your hearts to a beautiful 4 footed friend ? For more information contact Liz or Christine at 516 272 0017.

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