Dearest Kaeli,

Today, March 15, is your 24th Birthday. Our precious gift to you is the work we lovingly carry out in your honor at the Kaeli Kramer Foundation. We (family,friends and even people you never met who were touched by your life), have created a beautiful sanctuary that is a living tribute to the goodness within you and within each of us.

The sanctuary is a place where old, tired or unwanted horses are welcomed. They come and live out their lives with dignity, experiencing kindness and love, some for the first time. The horses have deep friendships with each other and will never face a truck ride to an “auction” or Canada or Mexico. They live in freedom and ease until it is their time to pass peacefully, surrounded by devoted human and animal friends.

In recognition of your love for all felines, the Foundation’s Life Skills students volunteer at the Golden Paw Society, helping to socialize and care for homeless cats. Our Humane Education Program honors your love not only for horses and companion animals, but for farm animals as well. Because of your deep respect for all animals you were a vegetarian and we invite everyone to make kind and compassionate eating choices.

This is our gift to you. You continue to guide and inspire us. You touched so many lives in such a short time and you gave us the treasured gift of being our joyful, loving and devoted daughter.

We love you and miss you every day.

Dad and Mom

Collage Kaeli final

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