Equine Welfare at the Hampton Classic

The Kaeli Kramer Foundation and two other rescues joined the ASPCA at the annual ASPCA Adoption and Animal-Welfare Day at the 40th annual Hampton Classic. Mustangs Callie and Valor served as ambassadors to educate the public about the decimation of the American mustang.

The event was hosted by ASPCA Senior Director Valerie Angeli and network correspondent Jill Rappaport.“To me, this is what it’s all about-to save the life of what I like to call ‘steeds in need.’ They all need our help, our help to give them a second chance,” said Jill Rappaport, who two weeks ago was honored by the Kaeli Kramer Foundation.

Five nationally renowned riders have been named by ASPCA as Equine-Welfare Ambassadors: Georgina Bloomberg, Hayley Barnhill, Brianne Goutal, Jennifer Gates and Stacia Madden.

The newest equine ambassador Jennifer Gates joined Linda Kramer and spoke about the plight of America’s wild horses and affirmed the message that no horse, wild or domestic, should end up at slaughter. Our Life Skills students were present at the day’s event as were two of our Humane Education graduates, Lorraine and Kayla Wimpelberg who volunteered for the South Hampton Animal Shelter.
Many thanks to our friends at the Holtsville Wildlife and Ecology Site for bringing Callie and Valor to the Hampton Classic!

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