Changing Hearts

Kaeli Kramer was deeply concerned about the compassionate treatment of all animals and because of this conviction she was a vegetarian.  Usually, her Foundation is busy rescuing horses but sometimes a different type of creature has found safe haven at the sanctuary.

Ferdinand, a newborn male calf, was destined to live a short, dismal life confined to a crate as a veal calf marked for slaughter. He now resides at the sanctuary safe and loved.  He was bottle fed when he arrived at the farm three days after his birth.

Veal calves are a by-product of the dairy industry. Today’s dairy farms house tens of thousands of animals, and in order for a cow to produce milk she must be repeatedly impregnated.  (Cows like all other mammals produce milk for their babies.) Once her calf is born, the baby is forcefully taken from her so her milk can be sold. If the calf is male, like Ferdinand, he is sent off to a veal farm where he will be chained inside a crate so small he can barely move and slaughtered in weeks. If the calf is female, she is kept and raised for dairy.

Constantly giving birth takes a physical toll on the cows. The natural lifespan for a dairy cow is 15–20 years, but due to neglect and constant breeding, cows on modern dairy farms only live about four years. Once they are considered “spent” they are sent off for slaughter, typically becoming ground beef.

Ferdinand  now lives with two other bovine friends, Gracie, the cow and Esther, her baby. They love to groom each other, play in the grassy fields together and go for walks. Gracie and Esther came from a dairy farmer who could no longer live with the cruelty inherent in the industry and grew to love  and value the lives of the animals.

By enjoying meatless meals, we can spare animals’ lives.  Going vegetarian  is fun, easy, and delicious. Try a meatless Monday.

We have the power to stop animal cruelty at every meal. In fact, the number of animals bred and abused on farms in the U.S. each year has dropped by nearly 500 million because individuals like you are choosing to open their hearts and replace animal products with delicious vegetarian food.

Learn more about veal, the dairy industry and what you can do visit:

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