Sanctuary Horses

The Kaeli Kramer Foundation is home to many unwanted horses from New York City carriage horses to five mustangs who once roamed free on the range.

New York City carriage horses King and Roger endured working on the congested streets of New York City for many years. Both suffered from chronic lameness and abscesses as a result of their work.

Abigail is a mustang mare who was named by Ms.Joan O’Connell’s students at the Abigail Adams School. As a result of the students’ fundraising efforts, Kaeli’s foundation outbid a “kill buyer” and saved her life.

Gentle Hidalgo, a branded mustang, who worked as a trail horse came to the sanctuary as a result of a SPCA cruelty investigation. He arrived emaciated and so weak that he was barely able to stand. He now spends his days with Sage, a mare rescued from a Premarin farm and Sweet William who also came to the sanctuary as a result of a SPCA cruelty investigation.

The Kaeli Kramer Foundation is also home to to many elderly trail horses such as Sampson, Sweet Pea, and Sergeant. Snappy, Becky, Sassy, Tango and Willow are all visually impaired or totally blind.

Although trail horses lack the glamour of Thoroughbreds or the flashiness of other specialty breeds, they perform a tremendous service. Trail horses allow ordinary people, often without an equine background, to enter the world of horses. Trail riding allows people to take a break from our fast-paced, technology driven lives and savor the beauty of nature.

Thank you Sampson, Sweet Pea, Sergeant, Willow, William, Hidalgo and the thousands of horses like them for allowing us to reconnect with nature and renew our weary spirits.

May all horses be safe, happy and cherished. May they not find themselves discarded in their old age after giving a lifetime of service.



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