Mustangs Face Extinction

Imagine being a wild mustang confined in a tiny metal pen packed with hundreds of other terrified horses. This is the story of our two mustangs Valor and Callie. Valor’s … More →

Check out our “New” Barn and Roof

We are ready for winter! We reconfigured our barn facilities in order to make the farm more safe and functional during winter. Many of our horses are elderly and frail, … More →

Autumn at the Sanctuary

Former New York City carriage horse enjoy the autumn grass  and the fresh air. They will never again have to pull a carriage again through the congested streets of Manhattan.

Summer At The Sanctuary

Summer at the sanctuary has been busy. While the horses enjoy grazing in bucolic green pastures, the humans have many projects underway including fence repair, creating additional winter paddocks and … More →

A New Chapter for Darci

Darci is a Thoroughbred mare who raced at Belmont and Aqueduct Racetracks. Like many Thoroughbreds she sustained an injury which ended her racing career. Darci now enjoys a new career … More →