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  • promotional gift wholesale says:

    Taking the kids today to see the mustangs, we will say hi to them for you…

  • To Linda and Peter,

    I learned of the August 9th event at Rice Farm, where I have been going for equestrian riding lessons since last year. When I read the poster, I was pleased that “All proceeds support horse rescue, humane education and trail conservation.” What I wanted to know was, “what was the Kaeli Kramer Foundation?” So I looked it up. I am glad I did, because this event and the foundation has more meaning to me now, than when I first learned of it.

    First, allow me to give you my sincerest heartfelt sympathy for your loss. It has been over three years since then, and I know from reading the blogs it all seems like yesterday.

    When I said to myself what is the Kaeli Kramer Foundation, I realized it wasn’t a “what” but a “who”. While I read the beautiful life of 19 year old Kaeli, my heart melted. At first I was heartbroken, because she was a special young lady, who gave so much, yet was taken away from our world far too soon.

    After reading as much as I could about Kaeli, I actually started to feel stronger. From all the writings I have read from the Foundation, from her best friend (Arielle Lubin), family & friends from the Guest Book, the story of Her Life and her very own voice from Her Valedictorian Speech (and visuals of her photos), I found that she continues to live through this Foundation and all the people and animals she touched in the past, and continue to touch in the present and future. What I love about this Foundation is that her legacy will outlive most of us and her vision, hopes and dreams will become a reality by those who share the same.

    I have never known Kaeli or her parents, but from what I have read, I feel as if I do. I have never known such a young accomplished young lady who had the strength, courage and passion to not only fight in what she believed in, but also teach it and share it with many others. She was a very unique individual who made her parents very proud. I would like to say that Kaeli was born with a powerful internal flame and that she lived all of her life Semper Ad Lucem (Always Towards the Light). Her parents were her initial core values, teaching her love, care, respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity. While her years at Knox super enhanced her existing values, making her internal flame shine even more, as it reached out to so many people and animals. Kaeli’s own individualism, her own beliefs, her embracing the core values she learned from her parent and school, is what made her become an epitome of a young, caring, smart and courageous individual.

    I hope that all young people inspire themselves to follow in her footsteps. And if not in animal rights, in any existing or new challenge this world faces. I hope that young and old will look to Kaeli and say, “She has inspired me to do something I believe in. I will do something about it and make my voice heard.”

    To Kaeli – You are a true inspiration of Semper Ad Lucem. Your angelic and courageous life will live on through those who love you, remember you and follow you. And most importantly, your spirit lives on through all the animals you have touched and who continue to be saved by your Foundation. I feel your spirit and hope to inspire myself to lead by your example. When I hear “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up) by Josh Groban*, I will think of you. God Bless You.

    Milssa Gavigan

    * “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)
    Don’t give up
    It’s just the weight of the world
    When your heart’s heavy
    I…I will lift it for you

    Don’t give up
    Because you want to be heard
    If silence keeps you
    I…I will break it for you

    Everybody wants to be understood
    Well I can hear you
    Everybody wants to be loved
    Don’t give up
    Because you are loved

    Don’t give up
    It’s just the hurt that you hide
    When you’re lost inside
    I…I will be there to find you

    Don’t give up
    Because you want to burn bright
    If darkness blinds you
    I…I will shine to guide you

    Everybody wants to be understood
    Well I can hear you
    Everybody wants to be loved
    Don’t give up
    Because you are loved

    You are loved
    Don’t give up
    It’s just the weight of the world
    Don’t give up
    Every one needs to be heard
    You are loved

  • Mirelie Galeano says:

    Dear Kaeli Kramer foundation ,
    My name is Mirelie. I was a student of Ms.O’Connell. I have heard so much about you. I am so sorry about your daughter. I would love to meet you but actually I am going to 6th grade next year. Hope my brother has my teacher next year.

  • Naiomi says:

    Mr.Kramer cam to my school and I bet Kaeli was a very sweet girl God bless her and all of her friends.

  • sue says:

    it’s that time of year agine. the horses are blowing thier coats. squirrels & birds are going wild with spring fever. i feel you all around me . from a tb with a new lease on life, to an old man who gets to rest & sun himself in the paddock. happy birthday sweetie. keep guiding us , we’ll keep working !

  • golde says:

    I never met you…but know that in every wild horse that remains wild….your angelic light is entangled in their manes…you were and still are a great warrior for them…..your light shines on….in every wild one’s eyes….thank you for all the caring you had…and that enabled your legacy to be a continuing part of their survival……from Sage, my wild horse (Cloud’s niece) and me, her lucky sidekick

  • Kellei says:

    Hi Kaeli
    Although we have never met, I often feel like I know you, and because of you I have met your parents who work so diligently to do the work you started. I am honored to be part of your mission.
    Thanks for shining your light on us and please continue to light our way.

  • Peter Kramer says:

    I struggle for the words to describe the past two years. We saw you leave the house that morning and a few hours later, you were gone. It seems like yesterday and it also seems like forever. We were so fortunate to have you for as long as we did, but that does not offset any of the pain of losing your presence. Our hearts are just broken, and there are so many others who are sharing the same heartbreak.

    We honor you with the work of this Foundation. We have done so much and we have done it quickly. Our “herd” is growing and is living happily — we have horses who can’t walk and others who can’t see, and they will all live out their lives in peace.

    Sundance still eats everything in sight, and Gia is as elegant as ever. I see you when I see them, and then I miss you even more.

  • Joan O'Conneell says:

    The students of class 402 ps131 abigail adams send their love and kindness. We miss Kaeli and all love her.We look forward to Linda visiting our school.We have learned so much about animals and especially horses including King and Roger.GOD BLESS THE KAELI KRAMER FOUNDATION!

  • Rhea Angell says:

    Kaeli was a wonderful kid who grew into a lovely young lady. I watched her ride horses since she very young. Surely she looks down on her organization and guides it along in its growth. She is likely smiling right now in Heaven. Go Kaeli!!!
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  • Jane Faulstich says:

    I am so happy that you have this website.
    It’s just a place to go when you are thinking of Kaeli.

  • Peter Kramer says:

    It has been exactly 20 months since you left us. We are tirelessly trying to do your work. We are guided by you, and are caring for more old horses than I ever imagined possible. We’re doing our best!!
    You are the most loved, missed and respected child in the world. You could not have been a better daughter. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents.

  • Toni Ross says:

    I didn’t know Kaeli, just read about her in Newsday. She touched my heart, as she has, and will continue to do so, for years to come. She left a huge hole in the fabric of our lives, which we are obligated to fill with things she loved.

  • Valerie says:

    I brought my baby daughter to the Holtsville zoo for the first time this weekend. It was a surprise to see a new section at the end, in memory of someone I didn’t know – Kaeli Kramer. The name stayed with me, and I found your site today. And then it struck me how sad and strange and wonderful life can be – my own daughter Caileigh Christie was born on February 10, 2010 – she was early…her due date was February 26, 9 months to the day after Kaeli Kramer passed on. I only hope that my daughter will aspire to be the amazing person Kaeli seemed to be.

  • Pam says:

    this is a pretty song & i like to think about you when I hear it…

    “your light’s reflected now, reflected from afar
    we were but stones, your light made us stars
    and wherever you’ve gone
    and wherever we might go
    it don’t seem fair…today just disappeared”
    (lyrics by Pearl Jam)
    missing you all the time and seeing you in all the animals we care for.
    love, Pam

  • massina family says:

    Dear Kaeli and family,
    Found out about Kaelis’ foundation on
    news 12. Just wanted to express our
    sorrow , and say a few words .I’m sure
    Kaeli was a beautiful person and will be
    missed dearly .Our hearts are with you.
    We just lost our 16 yr old son to a car
    accident 4/05/94 – 4/20/10 and
    wanted to say we are sorry for your loss,
    and probably understand your pain .We
    think Kaeli’s foundation is a wonderful
    way of continuing her dream .” if love
    could have saved her she would haved
    lived forever”
    With Love the Massina’s
    Stephen Sr . My wife Margaret Meagan 18
    who owns Chase and rides english and
    our beloved son Stephen Jr. who loved
    fishing with DaD .Maybe some day we
    can contribute to Kaeli’s foundation
    still greiving

  • Annegret says:

    A year gone by.
    Seems like time has wings to fly.
    Time……. all around us and far away.
    An Angel in disguise?
    It must be YOU!
    Fly away so far and away,
    to heal the wounds and aches,
    but still here,
    surrounding us,
    with your loving memory.
    smile with the sun,
    cry with the night,
    sing with the birds,
    sigh , when there are no words.
    touched by the wind,
    An Angel is here,
    to help us through,
    I know it’s you!

  • sue says:

    it seems like yesterday,it seems like eons.we still can’t belive it.we will try to carry on your work & honor your beautiful spirit !always in love and peace, sue & kent

  • Diana says:

    Hey Kaeli,
    I can not believe it’s been a year today. We miss you so much. Whenever the wind blows, the birds sing and the horses run, your energy and beauty is present for all of us to feel. You will always be in our hearts and souls. Much love, Diana, Eric, Alayna and Eric James

  • M. Vexler says:

    Hope these scriptures bring you some measure of comfort:

    John 5:25,28,29 – Most truly I say to YOU, The hour is coming and it is now, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who have given heed will live. Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life.

    Revelation 21:4 – And He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.

  • Regina Hajdu says:

    “Life is not measured by the amounts of breath we take but by the moments that take our breath away.”

    The life you lived and the lives you touched has inspired us all to strive to be better. With deepest gratitude.

  • Kerri Alexanderson says:

    Kaeli – I think of you always, especially when walking past your picture in Dann at Knox. I’m convinced you come to my apartment often to play with Bogart and I know he loves it. While I miss you more than words can express I try very much to live each day as you would.

    I often want to write your parents and talk to them but I’m still not sure how to do that.

    On behalf of the class of 2009 from Knox there will be trees planted in your honor adorned with a plaque which will attempt to describe in words what a wonderful person you were – but we all know unless we had the honor to meet you, words cannot describe the way you touched many of our hearts.

    I hope you are well. I hope your family is adjusting, although I’m not sure they will ever be able to just like many of us.

    My love always to the Kramer family and all of us who were touched by Kaeli’s beauty.

  • Justine Schettino says:

    I never got to meet Kaeli. I learned about Kaeli and her foundation from her mom just today.

    After reading about Kaeli’s life and her love for animals, I am deeply affected by this young, but powerfully- spirited girl.

    It is so clear from the words written by people who loved Kaeli that she made an impact on everyone who had the honor of knowing her.

    I offer my deepest condolences to all her family and friends.

  • Kelly says:

    Tears in heaven, such a loss, my heart aches for you, truly.

    I wish you strength and courage for the years to come.

  • Saraswati Rosenberg says:

    I am blessed to know Kaeli now, through her mother, Linda, who I met last weekend. Now my world shines a little brighter, having seen Kaeli’s beautiful, smiling face.

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