Walk for the Horses Saturday April 25

Come join us and welcome Spring by participating in our second annual Help- A -Horse Day WALK FOR THE MUSTANGS ! The Kaeli Kramer Foundation is celebrating the ASPCA National … More →

A Matter of Trust

When Sage was 9 months pregnant she arrived at the Kaeli Kramer Foundation after living twelve years as a mare exploited by the PMU/Premarin (Pregnant Mares Urine) industry. She was … More →

Autumn at the Sanctuary

Former New York City carriage horse enjoy the autumn grass  and the fresh air. They will never again have to pull a carriage again through the congested streets of Manhattan.

Blessing of the Animals

After a week of rain, Saturday brought warm rays of sunshine and a clear blue sky. Friends, accompanied by their companion animals, arrived at the Kaeli Kramer Sanctuary from near … More →

Summer At The Sanctuary

Summer at the sanctuary has been busy. While the horses enjoy grazing in bucolic green pastures, the humans have many projects underway including fence repair, creating additional winter paddocks and … More →