Our Horse Care Program

In addition to our therapeutic riding program, we have begun an equine care and life skills program. Seven young adults with developmental delays participate in our new pilot program. The … More →

Mustang Sabio

Our new boy, Sabio is intelligent, quiet and observant. Sabio is the Spanish word for intelligent and wise. On September 26th, at a BLM adoption event in Virginia, we rescued … More →

The Gentling Process

Callie is a social butterfly. She loves people and quickly surmised that Kristen is the source of wonderful scratches, rubs and hugs. She was named after a dear friend and … More →

Faithful School Horses

Stretch is a 25+ year old chestnut gelding. He most likely began his life as a racing quarter horse as evidenced by his now faded telltale tattoo. He suffered a … More →