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Sanctuary Horses

The Kaeli Kramer Foundation is home to many unwanted horses from New York City carriage horses to five mustangs who once roamed free on the range. New York City carriage … More →

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Humane Education

One of the primary goals of the Kaeli Kramer Foundation is to raise awareness and educate young people about the kind treatment of all animals. Each summer we conduct a … More →


Mustangs Face Extinction

Imagine being a wild mustang confined in a tiny metal pen packed with hundreds of other terrified horses. This is the story of our two mustangs Valor and Callie. Valor’s … More →


Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Program nurtures the connection between people and animals and fosters a compassionate lifestyle. Family Residents and Essential Enterprises (FREE) students participate in the Foundation’s Humane Education and … More →


Changing Hearts

Kaeli Kramer was deeply concerned about the compassionate treatment of all animals and because of this conviction she was a vegetarian.  Usually, her Foundation is busy rescuing horses but sometimes … More →

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Join us Aug 11, 2016 for an Evening of Wine Tasting at Milleridge Cottage

Please join us in celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Kaeli Kramer Foundation.  Live music, classical and country, amazing silent auction, raffles, wine tasting, delicious food and great company at … More →