The Kaeli Kramer Foundation

Kind and generous, intellectually curious and respectful, Kaeli Sara Kramer was a passionate animal advocate and an avid equestrian who spread light wherever she went. The Foundation honors the life of this extraordinary young woman. It is a living tribute to the goodness within her and within each of us.


Kaeli loved all animals and aspired to be an equine veterinarian. She was an avid equestrian and volunteered in therapeutic riding programs. She was deeply concerned about the compassionate treatment of all animals and because of this conviction she was a vegetarian.


The Foundation

The mission of the Kaeli Kramer Foundation is to promote humane education and to provide peaceful sanctuary for elderly and infirm horses who have spent their lives working. We also rehabilitate and re-home horses at risk.

The Foundation was created in June 2009 to continue the good work that Kaeli started, and to begin the work about which she dreamed.

As knowledge, responsibility and courage light our way, so does kindness. Everyone, somehow, in some way, affects one another.” Kaeli Kramer’s 2008 Valedictory Speech.


Our Work


Helping Horses

More than 100,000 American horses are slaughtered annually. The Kaeli Kramer Foundation provides sanctuary to unwanted horses who are at risk of going to slaughter.  We have rescued wild Mustangs who were driven from their homes, rehabilitated former race horses and provided safe sanctuary for elderly school horses and New York City carriage horses. We also provided a home for a rescued Premarin mare and her foal.


Humane Education

The Kaeli Kramer Humane Education Center, sited at the Holtsville Ecology and Wildlife Center, is home to two rescued mustangs and includes an interpretive program about preserving the beauty of America’s wild horses and our rapidly disappearing public lands. We conduct an annual week-long Humane Education program there, at no cost to the participants. This unique program provides hands-on learning experiences for elementary and middle school students.


Community Outreach

We conduct several community outreach projects ranging from humane education programs for elementary schools and colleges to providing assistance to local animal shelters. We have a program to spay and neuter feral cats. We also sponsor ongoing large animal rescue training for the equine community and emergency responders. We have partnered with Suffolk County social service agencies to provide an ongoing Humane Education and Life Skills program for opmentally delayed young adults.



Our annual week-long summer Humane Education Program included many guest speakers who shared their professional expertise and their commitment to animal welfare with the students.


Dr. Robert Perry, an equine veterinarian, showed students how thermography works.



The Foundation’s Life Skill and Animal Care Program provides training and educational enrichment to developmentally challenged young adults.

horse-rescue  lama-rescue

We sponsored training in large animal rescue for first responders and the equine community.


The Kaeli Kramer  Foundation Sanctuary


Our  50 acre sanctuary located in Orange County,  New York is home to twenty horses. We provide foster care to an additional ten horses.

Our residents include former NYC carriage horses, elderly school horses, and injured racehorses.






100% of your tax deductible contribution is used for horse care and our humane education programs.


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