Meet Our Horses

Meet the Kaeli Kramer Foundation Horses.

NYC Carriage Horses

Roger and King


King is a red roan Belgium draft horse who worked in NYC as a carriage horse. This “gentle giant”  is in his mid twenties. His friend and fellow carriage horse, Roger is a twelve year old Standardbred draft cross. Roger and King are good friends. They love to groom each other and play tag together. They are now retired and will never have to pull a carriage again.

Senior Horses



Ralph was a therapeutic riding horse who worked with physically and mentally challenged young people. He found himself homeless when respiratory problems prevented him from doing his job. He now resides at the sanctuary safe and cared for.



Becky is a handsome bay mare who is blind in one eye. She worked as a trail horse before coming to the sanctuary. She has a lively personality and is best friends with Ralph.

ralph-becky-1 ralph-becky-2

Becky and Ralph

Tango, Sassy, Lily and Reilly


Tango, Sassy, Lily and Reilly all came to the Kaeli Kramer Sanctuary when their barn suddenly closed. The entire facility was declared an environmentally contaminated property by the county. These special needs senior horses found safe haven at the sanctuary.



A new resident joined Kaeli’s sanctuary. She is a blind Appaloosa mare about 20 years old who worked as a trail and lesson horse. We named her Willow because like the tree, she is graceful and flexible adapting to her loss of vision with equanimity.

Sampson & Sweat Pea

sampson &ferd sampson &sp

Sampson and Sweet Pea received a warm welcome from Ferdinand the steer and their other new neighbors.  Sampson and Sweet  Pea are in their late twenties. These kind and gentle souls worked as trail, camp and therapeutic riding horses. We are so happy to have them at our sanctuary

Sweet William

ferd & william sweet william copy

Sweet William is an elderly horse who came to the Kaeli Kramer Foundation as a result of a SPCA cruelty and neglect investigation. He is of small stature, but has a generous and forgiving heart. Along with his new life, he received a new name, Sweet William, after the spring flower. The first half of the name William refers to one who has the will to overcome life’s adversities. The second half references one that is afforded protection. Sweet William is feeling more comfortable now that his overgrown feet have been trimmed. He enjoys being hand fed warm mashes and loves the company of his new friend Ferdinand the calf.

Cattleya AKA Flirt

cat 1 cattleya in_out

At Kaeli’s sanctuary Flirt is known as Cattleya or Leya, for short. She was named Cattleya because of her elegance and grace, after the cattleya orchid which grows in the cloud forests of Central and South America. This sweet mare loves attention and receives lots of TLC at the sanctuary. Flirt was the beloved companion of  the late Gaelle Spence, a most kind and devoted equestrian.

Blossom and Helenita

blossom & helen 2 blosson & helen

Blossom, the donkey and Helenita, the pony arrived at the sanctuary  in March 2013. They originally came through an auction.

Ferdinand, the Steer

ferd Ferdinand & friend

In July 2013, Ferdinand  a three day old calf found  safe haven at the Kaeli Kramer Foundation.. He was otherwise destined to live a short horrific life confined in a crate and kept anemic as a veal calf destined for slaughter. Instead this gentle creature has developed friendships  with many of our horses, goats and donkey.He is a kind friend to all.





Sunny is bay gelding (neutered male horse) who taught people to ride. He is about 30 years old. Although arthritis has taken its toll on his ancient body, he enjoys spending his days with his good friend Luna.


Sergeant Sergeant

The word sergeant means “one who serves” and our horse Sergeant embodies these words. He served as a trail horse for many years taking care of riders- always cooperative, hard working and kind.


Sergeant & Sugar

sugar--sargent sugar--sargent1

Best friends



Peter is in his twenties. He gave lessons and worked in a therapeutic riding program as well. He is best friends with TJ.


PJ tj

TJ was a talented hunter-jumper. He gave his best effort and always cleared every jump. But years of jumping took its toll and left this kind and honest horse lame with navicular disease. He is enjoying a new chapter in life with his friends.


Deaglan deaglan

Deaglan, a fifteen year-old gelding, was purchased at auction by a horse dealer who was impressed by his conformation and schooling.  Unfortunately, this handsome horse had been given drugs to mask the symptoms of lameness. He traveled to many barns as a sale horse, and sincere efforts were made to rehabilitate him. After a myriad of health and soundness issues he has become part of our equine family.


Koda koda

Koda is a beloved cutting horse who became lame and who lives out his life at Kaeli’s sanctuary.

Snappy and  Scout

Snappy and Scout are two senior citizen horses from the Bronx. They worked throughout their entire lives. Through the generosity and thoughtfulness of the workers and riders at Riverdale Equestrian Centre these old friends will enjoy a peaceful retirement.

Retired Police Horses


major major-1

Major, a former parks police horse, is enjoying his final years with his friends.

Thoroughbred Race Horses



Darci is a six year old Thoroughbred filly who sustained an injury while racing. She has a kind temperament and loves to be groomed and doted on. She is being trained as a dressage horse. Darci placed 1st in Her First Horse Show The elegant Darci, a former Thoroughbred racehorse was ridden by Lauren Schron and trained by Nicole Peres. They  placed first in baby green hunter under saddle. Darci had many mentors who helped her prepare for a new career: Diane Gormly, Sue Mercil, Lauren Filberto, Justina Rexadh, and Dr. Pam Corey.. Thank you all!   Learn More about the Horse Racing Industry

Premarin Industry Horses

Sage and Mountain Thyme (Ty)

Sage is a twelve year-old quarter horse mare used by the pharmaceutical industry to produce the drug Premarin. She gave birth to her final foal Mountain Thyme on July 16, 2010. Sage is a good mother and is proud of her beautiful son, the first baby which she has been permitted to keep. Thyme or Ty, as he is affectionately known was born with a congenital malformation of his neck which impairs his balance. Ty is intelligent, curious and brave. He teaches us that we must all face adversity with courage and equanimity. Learn More about Premarin

Mountain Thyme

July 16, 2010 – January 20, 2011

View post about Ty’s passing



hidalgo-wind hidalgo-2

Hidalgo is a branded Mustang who came to the Kaeli Kramer Foundation as a result of a SPCA investigation. This thirty year old gelding worked as a trail horse in upstate New York. He arrived emaciated and so weak he was barely able to stand. He now enjoys a new lease on life. He spends his days grazing in the grassy pastures with his friend Sage, a former PMU mare.


Abigail is a 15 year-old mustang mare who was named by Ms. Joan O’Connell’s students at the Abigail Adams School (PS131) in Jamaica, NY. Abigail was purchased at an upstate auction. As a result of the students’ fundraising efforts, Kaeli’s foundation was able to outbid a “killer buyer”. The students’ kindness and generosity saved Abigail’s life.


Sabio is a a mustang from New Mexico. He resides with the Peres family at Seven Meadows Farm in Goshen NY where he raises public awareness about preserving our public lands for the animals that live there and for future generations to enjoy.

Valor and Callie

    callie-valor callie-valor1

Valor and Calie were wild mustangs driven from their wilderness mountain homes. They now reside at the Kaeli Kramer Humane Education Center located at the Holtsville Wildlife and Ecology Site. They serve as ambassadors to raise awareness about the plight of the American mustang and the desecration of our publicly held western lands. Learn More about the Mustangs


More Friends











Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

Joy and Gem

Joy and Gem


Camera Shy: Dustin & Shelia




Our dear old friends, we miss you. Your spirits live on in our hearts.


strawberry-1 strawberry strawberry2


murphy1 Murphy


Misty misty




Sugar sugar


tara profile tara thomas

Tara, the Kramers shepherd, died on October 28, 2014, at the age of 15. Tara was a very gentle and kind soul, who was a friend to every animal she met. She loved cats, goats, horses, and even welcomed the shelter dogs the Kramers would foster in their home. Her very favorite cat was Thomasina, whom she would carry around in her mouth as if he was her puppy. At the sanctuary, she joyfully went on walks with Ferdinand the steer. Tara was adopted from the Brookhaven Town Animal Shelter just before her scheduled euthanasia.

Tara demonstrated the qualities of devotion, steadfastness, forgiveness, peace and unconditional love. May her soul reap the rewards of her dedication to love. We offer our love for Tara and our gratitude for the gifts received from her during her life as a healing prayer for all the animals who die with no one to grieve their passing.


lady last morning Lady therapetic riding

Lady served as a therapeutic riding horse bringing joy, healing and independence to children with mental and physical challenges. She loved the attention of all children and had a special way of lifting their spirits. She also worked as a lesson horse in the Bronx.

Lady is especially missed by Sergeant with whom she formed a deep friendship and by her human friends Courtney, Carly and Marie who protected her and kept her safe from harm. May Lady’s soul be free, happy and at peace.


sterling picstitch-6  sterling

Sterling came to the Kaeli Kramer Foundation as an innocent victim of the abuses of the racing industry. He was very thin and was barely able to stand. He ran in races at Belmont and Aqueduct for five years. With specialized farrier and veterinary care Sterling became “pasture sound.” At the sanctuary Sterling flourished. He loved the attention of humans and animals of many species. He developed friendships with Sage, Strawberry and his best buddy Murphy. Sterling was kind, elegant and fun loving. We carry our love for Sterling in our hearts and miss him terribly.

Mocha and Gizmo

g&m2 g&m4 gizmo

Mocha and Gizmo were two very senior horses who spent their lives giving trail rides to adults and children. They spent many years working together. At the sanctuary they were inseparable, almost always sharing the same stall although each had their own. They died less than a month apart in the summer of 2014. Mocha’s heart was broken when he lost his best friend Gizmo. We miss them dearly. They are especially missed by their human friends Vanessa and Evan.


Remy remy

Remy, a proud and handsome dark bay Thoroughbred passed on March 25, 2014. He was in his late twenties. Remy most likely began his career on the track. He worked for decades at several Long Island barns as a lesson horse. He was a favorite with many riders because in addition to his beauty, he was a reliable and safe mount. Remy’s respectful and kind nature was appreciated by those who partnered with him. As he aged arthritis and old injuries took their toll on his body.
He will be missed by all but especially by his best friend and pasture mate Scout. We will hold his memory in our hearts always.


cody1 cody

Cody came to Kaeli’s foundation as a very senior citizen. He served in many different capacities during his lifetime. Cody worked as a school horse and a trail horse. He also worked in a therapeutic riding program with physically challenged riders. His gentle ways and generous spirit made him a favorite with many people. At the sanctuary he shared a spacious pasture with his friend Sundance, who was Kaeli ‘s horse. When Cody died, Sundance remained with his companion’s body through the night and into the next day.

A Prayer for Cody

May you be free.
May you be healed.
May your angels watch over you always.
May you follow the Light
and find eternal peace and joy at home with the Creator of all that is.
And so it is.



The beautiful Luna, faithful companion to old Sonny died suddenly on November 6, 2013. She was turned out with Sonny in the morning. He nickered for her, as he did every day while he awaited her arrival into their paddock. They greeted each other and cantered around on the crisp autumn morning. In the afternoon we thought Luna was sleeping in the field, but she had passed. Sonny remained with the body of his companion for several hours as did Miss Kitty. Luna was such a special mare beloved by all. In my heart I see her being welcomed by Kaeli as she crossed the threshold. May she be safe, peaceful and free.



In memory of Daisy, the official Kaeli Kramer Foundation collie mascot.


  stretch 904194_10151373255103531_1421630068_o

Stretch, the first horse welcomed by the Kaeli Kramer Foundation, died on Friday, April 5, 2013. Stretch was in his mid-thirties when he passed.  He was especially loved by Rita, Chloe, Marty, and Jack Callahan.  Stretch performed many jobs in his lifetime. He began his career as a racehorse and then as a show jumper.  He had several different owners before becoming a school horse, giving lessons to countless adults and children. He enjoyed his last years cherished by the Callahan family at Dream Hollow Farm and by his friends at Kaeli’s Foundation.



We lost a very special horse at the sanctuary – everything was done to help him and he passed away with his beloved animal friends beside him. Condolences to all who cared for him and loved him dearly.



Kind, gentle and dearly missed




Our dear old friend, Mulligan, we miss you. Your sweet spirit lives on.

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  • Jeannie Parisi says:

    Hi, I wanted to share this with you in hopes you or someone you know could help. This Mustang Mare is 14 years old and is 15.1 hands, sweet as pie and is now for sale on Craigs list and is in Manorville, New York. She was used as a camp horse and then bought by the present owners for their children who have lost interest. Owners have been contacted as they had no idea about “Kill Buyer” but do now. Here is the link for this mare, for more information see my Face book page, Jeannie Jacobs Parisi..I met everyone at the first Mustang Day…..thank you

  • Joan O'Connell says:

    Hi Linda and Peter, Class 302 just looked at all the pictures of the rescues and their captions and we learned alot!! We learned the word legacy and we now know what it means. We are so proud and happy about Kaeli’s legacy. We love the horses!!

  • Alexis says:

    I am So happy to see Remmy and Darcy! Remmy was one of the first horses I learned on xo! Thank you for taking good care of them! 😉

  • Nicole says:

    Misty looks so happy! We miss her but it’s great to know she is in good hands! Thank you so much!!!! 🙂

  • Rossetti says:

    OMG, I’m very happy to see Sergeant and Sugar with you! I knew you had Strawberry but I think about Serg often. If you ever don’t have the means to care for any of the those guys, you know they have a special place in my heart and I will take them. They would love to be re-adjoined with Scrappy 🙂

  • Kaeli was a very sweet girl I feel bad what has happen to her she was a very sweet, kind, smart, and beautiful girl Ms.O’Connell tolled us alot of stuff about her but know she is in heven with the angeis and God.

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